Neurlasys Is Bringing The Future To the Masses

We set out to create the most sophisticated models in combination with the most advanced trading techniques which also take advantage of the largest arrays of diversified data sources. The sum of that innovation is no longer constraint to the proprietary use of mega hedge funds on Wall Street. Regular traders across the spectrum can now access this information

Advances in Natural Language Processing algorithms allow the scanning of social media to collect real time sentiment data. We are able to bring in new information that wasn't previously available in order to further refine probabilities.

We also combine the power of the one thing that is more powerful than our algorithms which is the cumulative knowledge of the community. Traders can add their own fundamental research and rating to each trading prospect to rank by an overall score. Why are they incentivized to do this? for 2 reasons. 1) our software makes it easy to quickly research and rank prospects. And 2) most importantly, adding their research gives them access to the top picks of the hive mind.