Industrial Distribution Industry Average Chart

The below chart is an equal weighted average of the Industrial Distribution Industry. We use equal weighting so it's easy to understand when the highest quantity of companies enter a technical scenario that would be relevant to trading. Opposed to having the entire index skewed towards a few large companies. It can be valuable to see a graph of the average share price performance for the Industrial Distribution Industry in order to understand the direction and general momentum of a group of stocks. As well, it is helpful to know when a segment may be oversold or overbought. The chart on this page also allows you to compare an individual stock to the Industrial Distribution Industry average, which can indicate whether a move is due to unique changes in a company or broader market forces.

Companies in Industrial Distribution

Showing 9 Companies in Industrial Distribution

Company 1 Day% 5 Day 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year RSI 3mo S-momo ? 6mo S-momo 1yr S-momo Resistance ? Support Demark Sell ? Demark Buy Short Interest Score
AIT | Applied Industrial Techno1.59-1.28-6.48-3.608.4239.094848.8384.10120.53-1800.97-40177.44001.65454
MSM | MSC Industrial Direct Co.0.93-6.75-12.91-19.76-21.33-17.3623-24.15-12.33-13.38-11034.29146.39003.75474
SITE | SiteOne Landscape Supply,0.87-2.61-15.16-27.67-19.69-19.0346-5.51-8.03-3.68-7115.22-2823.47008.61535
FAST | Fastenal Co0.840.65-2.05-15.660.5014.45331.976.9415.62-3919.96172.11003.78779
GWW | W.W. Grainger, Inc.0.771.05-3.37-8.2610.9626.52648.2739.3640.93-667.19-2011.04002.86906
DXPE | DXP Enterprises Inc0.75-3.87-9.81-9.8641.1428.094434.6946.0351.98-2265.09-17209.32004.9581
PKOH | Park-Ohio Holdings Corp0.12-2.55-5.33-3.702.5639.55427.2935.8737.96-2530.76-17910.28003.16704
TITN | Titan Machinery Inc.-0.43-6.44-30.58-30.37-42.47-41.9014-53.52-26.77-48.88-93035.770.00000.75216
WCC | Wesco International Inc.-1.01-8.04-13.05-2.66-6.22-3.827312.0311.254.32196.33-24198.6010002.60798