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Click on one of the above trading strategies to see the best daily picks that have been ranked by Neural Nets and advanced algorithms which scan 5,000 assets on a daily basis to present the best opportunities to you. All you need to do is take a look and add the best ones (long or short) to your ranking que. Then we make it easy to do some quick research on the market sentiment and company fundamentals to further refine your prospects. Upon doing so you'll get access to the best consensus picks of all the traders. Then simply execute the trades. When we all contribute our knowledge and reasoning in combination with the algorithms, it's easy to generate consistent profits.

Minimum ATR ?
Average True Range generally refers to how much an asset moves in a day in percentage terms. Moving this up to select more volatile assets with a higher ATR will typically exclude assets like ETFS and bond funds.

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Demark 9 ?
Demark 9 indicators are designed to look for exhaustion in the selling or buying trend which can often be predictive of a reversal point. This indicator is triggered when there are 9 consecutive days where the closing price is higher/lower than the closing price 4 days ago. Like all indicators, it is best used in combinations with other factors.
0 (%0)
Oversold (%2.4)
1y S-Momentum ?
Smooth Momentum is our proprietary technical indicator that looks for momentum with the greatest consistency and steady velocity. We have penalized dramatic swings and fluctuations. If the momentum is too high and an asset spikes upward, this is often unreliable and collapses back down. But the smooth momentum provides the highest probability of continuing into the near future with the same directional rate of change. Several complex factors are weighted by neural nets to maximize probabilistic accuracy. It works the same with positive or negative directions.
6m S-Momentum (%50)
3m S-Momentum (%50)
Overbought (%50.35)
Support Score
Diagonal Support
Resistance Score
Diagonal Resistance
Sentiment Score0
Analyst Ratings ?
We track several different measures of analyst sentiment including ratings and price targets. To create a composite Analyst Sentiment Score, we weight several factors such as the recent rate of change which can be more predictive than the absolute level. We also weight each analyst's opinion based on their historic accuracy. We built in a time decay function to ensure that the rating reflects the current sentiment levels. Typical range (-500 to +500)
Sentiment Score %
Positive Ratings %
Negative Ratings
Boost Price Target %
Lower Price Target
Short Interest Score +
We take into account several different measures of short interest to create a composite score. Range (0 - 30)
Short Interest %
Days to Cover
Rate of Change %
Short Interest Score 0
0 (%100)
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EPS Revi. TrendN/A
Options Sentiment +
Put/Call ratios in the options data is to help gauge the sentiment of options traders.
Put Volume:
Call Volume:
Volume Ratio:
Put Open Interest:
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