Segment Heat Map

A heat map built by traders for traders. We don't just show you growth over various time periods but we also show the average of technical indicators that have been proven to be predictive by back testing. These include RSI, Demark-9 Indicators, Smooth Momentum (proprietary) and Support/ Resistance lines.

The below chart is an equal weighted average of the Oil & Gas - Integrated industry. We use equal weighting so it's easy to understand when the highest quantity of companies enter a technical scenario that would be relevant to trading. Opposed to having the entire index skewed towards a few large companies.

Companies in Oil & Gas - Integrated

Showing 13 Companies in Oil & Gas - Integrated

Company 1 Day% 5 Day 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year RSI 3mo S-momo ? 6mo S-momo 1yr S-momo Resistance ? Support Demark Sell ? Demark Buy Short Interest Score
TUSK | Mammoth Energy Services, 3.2117.6118.96-18.36-23.2768.6881-32.19-23.02-24.03-12374.38-13124.79000.140026
SSL | Sasol Limited1.2013.358.591.88-13.38-51.4887-13.08-52.03-82.08-45879.20-2648.26001.73403
PBR | PETROLEO BRASILEIRO S.A.-1.087.4316.2731.7618.68-4.64877.048.652.24185.96-9181.15001.01295
EC | Ecopetrol S.A0.926.6113.963.9512.12-39.0887-2.81-4.70-20.59-1790.41-4421.04001.49665
E | ENI S.p.A.0.850.96-1.528.791.72-7.63581.805.908.86-5007.82-1061.66001.32597
YPF | YPF Sociedad Anonima0.6811.458.2130.5862.15187.368948.0055.01117.59305.45-21592.03002.97993
BP | BP p.l.c.0.350.52-0.37-0.045.685.03591.482.998.80-2481.45-11682.23001.06731
SU | Suncor Energy, Inc.0.175.783.61-4.001.88-28.5983-3.43-13.07-18.23-10999.79-2626.430013.1
IMO | Imperial Oil Limited-
TK | Teekay Corporation-
CVX | Chevron Corporation-0.291.982.013.62-7.63-12.0272-3.74-10.33-9.32-6040.27-1880.39001.49996
XOM | Exxon Mobil Corporation-0.354.520.381.194.343.40702.071.254.15158.03-2296.90001.47674
CVE | Cenovus Energy Inc.-1.362.189.399.80-5.08-29.2374-1.44-9.19-18.55-8831.11-3314.29003.76203